Ćaitanya Nitai Dasa (Trivikrama Swami Disciple)

Caitanya Nitai Dasa was born Cristobal Arria Moure to a respected family of a Psychiatrist and Philosopher in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Although originally from Houston in Texas, he attended high school and college in Venezuela.

In the summer of 1991 he met a group of Krishna devotees distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books and the experience would create a sense of urgency for understanding spirituality.

While in college, he became a member of different yoga and meditation groups that would gradually introduce Lord Krishna into his life. After reading the book Prabhupada: Your Ever Well-Wisher he immediately realized Bhakti yoga as the authorized process for advancing in Krishna consciousness and that Srila Prabhupada made it available to everyone through his International Society for Krishna consciousness (ISKCON). He joined ISKCON Boston in 2006 shortly after finishing the last page of the book and quickly became a lively member of the Boston center.

During the 2008 New York Ratha-Yatra, he met His Holiness Trivikrama Swami, from whom he felt the ecstasy of pure devotional service and love for singing the Holy Names of the Lord. In 2009 he accepted Harinama initiation and received the spiritual name of Caitanya Nitai Dasa.
Caitanya Nitai accepted Brahmana initiation (second initiation) in the spring of 2012 and currently leads the Wednesday public program along with other devotees and performs Pujari services at ISKCON Boston.