Accepted Contributions

ISKCON Boston will only accept the following donations:

· Financial (cash, check, credit card, bill pay, online check, Zelle, Venmo or PayPal)
· Flowers
· Time (for volunteer inquiries, please email

Donations not included in the above list will not be accepted. The temple will not accept any physical goods. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
· Clothing, shoes, fabrics
· Electronics of any kind
· Exercise equipment, bicycles
· Furniture, furniture accessories
· Dishware, pots, pans, kitchen supplies, etc.
· Books, CDs, other media
· Paintings, prints, picture frames

While we greatly appreciate your support, the temple does not have a need for physical goods. If you have any questions prior to making a donation, please email

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support in serving our beloved deities, Sri Sri Radha Gopivallabha.

Donate via Zelle

Please make your payments to the Zelle ID:
Our preferred mode of payment is Zelle since it is the only mode of transaction that does not charge any transaction fee.

Donate via Venmo

Donate via PayPal

1. Option for setting up monthly donations is also available when you click the above 'Donate' button.
2. PayPal hold additional charges from ISKCON Boston on every transcation. Therefore, we recommend donating via Venmo if possible.

Donate by Check

Please mail your donation check, made out to “ISKCON of New England”, to

ISKCON of New England
Attn: Treasurer
72 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02116

You can also drop your check at the temple at any time. Make sure to request a receipt from the front desk or gift shop assistant.

  • If your check is for a one-time donation please write the purpose in the check's memo field. If for a feast sponsorship, specify the date of your sponsorship as well.
  • If your check is for a monthly donation please write "ISKCON of New England Lover of Radha Gopivallabha Program" (or simply, "LRG Program") in the check's memo field.

On receipt of your check your donation is recorded by the temple treasurer. All monthly donors will receive a quarterly temple financial report. Year-end donation summaries will be mailed out to be received by January 31 of the following fiscal year.

Major Temple Expenses

Temple Anniversary Sponsorship Opportunities: 

Deity Paraphernelia Cabinets - $40,000
New Altar - $25000
New Deity Dress -$4000
Altar & Festival Decorations - $4000
Maha Abhishek - $2500
Whole day prasadam - $1000
Feast Sponsorship - $1000
Kalash Abhishek- $151
Sweet Offering - $108
Milk Offering - $108
Ghee Wick Offering - $108
Incense Offering - $51

Sunday Worship Service

Prasadam feast - $201
Deity Worship - $151
Sunday Feast Deity Garlands - $71

Wednesday Evening Service

Prasadam feast - $151
Deity Worship - $101
Wednesday Deity Garlands - $51

Daily Deity Worship

Full day Deity worship - $251
Daily Deity Garlands - $108
Morning Sweets & Aratika - $51
Breakfast Offering & Aratika - $51
Morning Fruits & Aratika - $51
Lunch Offering & Aratika - $108
Afternoon Fruits & Aratika - $51
Dinner Offering & Aratika - $51
Evening Sweets & Aratika - $31
Bedtime Milk & Sweets Offering - $21

If you have questions, please contact Temple President or Temple Treasurer