Vegetarian Recipes, Animal-free Food Products, Information on Benefits of the Vegetarian Diet, and more.

More vegetarian recipes and excellent information on how and why to be a vegetarian are included in the list of over 60 worthwhile websites that follow. These sites can help provide you with many resources for additional recipes, instructions, utensils, vegan food products, cruelty-free clothing, and information on the benefits of being vegetarian, directories of vegetarian restaurants, and additional links to other resources.

Sites for More Information for Being a Vegetarian

Sites for Animal-free Products and Non-Leather Items

  • -- offers news about vegetarian issues, articles, recipes, and resources for shoes, etc., that are leather-free.
  • -- one of the largest selections of 100% vegan products in one place. Offers vegan shoes, belts, gourmet vegan food and sweets, body care products, and more.
  • -- large selection of vegan goods, body care, cosmetics, vitamins, chocolates, candies, books and more. A one stop shop for cruelty-free needs.
  • -- Carries non-leather items, shoes, jackets, ethical wares, vegan belts, wallets, bags, message T-shirts, buttons, stickers, etc.
  • -- offers a wide assortment of products that promote animal rights (all vegan), human rights (no sweatshop and fair trade), and the environment (organic wherever possible). The name “Downbound” represents an ideological shift down the corporate ladder, down the food chain and down to earth. They carry over 200 organic hemp clothing and footwear items, organic fair trade coffee, DVD’s, etc.
  • -- offers cookies and snacks that have no animal products and the finest vegan ingredients, along with ingredients for sale such as non-hydrogenated expeller pressed canola oil, non-aluminum baking powder, etc.
  • -- cruelty-free, vegan products for dogs and cats.
  • -- a company in the United Kingdom for those who want to have vegetarian pet foods.
  • -- info on problems with leather and free guide to leather alternatives.
  • -- lots of items helping and promoting a vegetarian lifestyle.
  • -- the Animal Welfare Board of India and their list of meat ingredients in common foods, cosmetics, clothing, etc. Quite revealing.
  • -- offers a variety of non-leather shoes and lady's handbags.

Sites for Additional Resources, News and Issues on Vegetarianism, and Animal Protection Groups