Smart Boxes

51 smart boxes smartly distribute the divine literature.

A Smart Box is a box which is “smart.” It knows exactly what cure the materially diseased people need in this age of Kali. It therefore distributes the most potent medicine – Srila Prabhupada’s transcendental books - to whoever is interested in taking it. The Smart Box Project is an initiative taken to increase book distribution, under the guidance of Vaisesika Dasa, ISKCON North America's National Sankirtan Strategist.

Volunteers place smart boxes in Indian grocery and convenience stores and restaurants that they frequent in their neighborhoods. Every month, they also refill the smart boxes with books and bring back report on how well the location is doing. The results have been encouraging with the boxes averaging from 5 to 20 books per week. Thank you Nitin Prabhu for leading this sub-project.

Lead: Nitin / Co-lead: Jayesh
Participating Devotees: Nitin, Jayram, Kamal, Jayesh, Krishna Bhakta, Sumit, Rick, Mother Chatamayi, Rohini Nandan Das