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3 Hour Kirtan - Sun, Jan 13, 2013

Video of the whole 3 hour kirtan is here -

H.G. Drutakarma Prabhu - "Forbidden Archeology" - Sun, Nov 11, 2012

Over the past two centuries, archaeologists have found bones, footprints, and artifacts showing that people like ourselves have existed on earth for many millions of years. But many scientists have forgotten or ignored these remarkable facts. Why? Primarily because they contradict the now dominant evolutionary views about human origins and antiquity. This evolutionary paradigm, to which influential groups of scientists are deeply committed, has acted as a "knowledge filter." And the filtering, intentional or not, has left us with a radically incomplete set of facts for building our ideas about human origins. Recovering the complete set of facts takes us on a fascinating expedition, across five continents to various archaeological sites, some long forgotten, some the center of ongoing controversy. The complete set of facts is consistent with the accounts of extreme human antiquity found in the Puranas, the historical writings of ancient India.

About HG Drutakarma Prabhu
Michael Cremo (a.k.a Drutakarma Das), is on the cutting edge of science and culture issues. In the course of a few month's time he might be found on pilgrimage to sacred sites in India, appearing on a national television show, lecturing at a mainstream science conference, or speaking to an alternative science gathering. As he crosses disciplinary and cultural boundaries, he presents to his various audiences a compelling case for negotiating a new consensus on the nature of reality.

Michael Cremo is a member of the World Archeological Congress and the European Association of Archaeologists as well as an associate member of the Bhaktivedanta Institute specializing in history and philosophy of science.

Niranjana Swami - Kirtan and Lecture - Wed, Aug 22, 2012

Playlist contains 3 videos - kirtan before lecture, lecture, kirtan during Gaura Arati.
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Niranjana Swami - Kirtan and Lecture - Sun, Aug 19, 2012

Playlist contains 2 videos: 1 - Kirtan and Lecture, 2 - Gaura Arati Kirtan.

Lecture and Kirtan by Niranjana Swami - Fri, Aug 17, 2012

Playlist contains 2 videos: 1 - Lecture, 2 - Kirtan

Kirtan and Lecture by Niranjana Swami - Wed, Aug 15, 2012

Playlist contains 2 videos: 1 - Kirtan, 2 - Lecture.

Sri Krishna Janmastami - Thu, Aug 9, 2012

Playlist contains 3 video clips: Abhishek, Children's Fancy Dress Competition, Play about a book distributor and Dracula