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Updated: 31 min 15 sec ago

ISKCON Pakistan is Growing

Sat, 07/17/2021 - 9:56am

For the month of May through June this year, a month-long preaching tour was done across Baluchistan; a rural mountainous southwest region of Pakistan. 

ISKCON Toronto to Hold Ratha-Yatra Drive-Thru Darshan

Sat, 07/17/2021 - 9:56am

Toronto Ratha-Yatra is holding a Drive-Thru Darshan of Lord Jagannatha and a virtual online celebration for the second year in a row this weekend.

Riots in South Africa: Deities and Residents Moved from Durban Temple

Wed, 07/14/2021 - 12:17am

As of July 13th evening, the senior devotees, ladies, and other Temple residents have taken shelter at the house of various devotees in safer areas. The Deities also have been moved to a safer place, on the advice of local law enforcement groups said ISKCON Communications Director of South Africa, Nanda Kishore Das. 

Monks on Mission: "Best Short Film" Award Winner at Tagore Int'l Film Fest

Sat, 07/10/2021 - 6:21pm

Source: ISKCON Gurugram

Credits; Neither this initiative nor this film could ever have materialized without the vision of HG Rambhadra Prabhu, Temple President - ISKCON Gurugram and our respected mentor. He inspired and guided us in this cause and the film, in every aspect from conception to creation. Also, we are grateful to our hero and mentor HG Sundar Gopal Prabhu, Director - ISKCON Youth Forum Delhi, for his constant love, guidance, and inspiration. This transformed and inspired us to take up a life of monkhood and serve God and humanity.

Monks: Aradhya Gaur Das , Sri Nitai Pada Das, Sevaya Giridhari Das, Parmatama Hari Das, Rahul Jhanghu, Rakesh Roshan Script and Dialogues: Padsevan Bhakta Das and Pankaj Shyam Das Camera, Editing and Sound: Pankaj Shyam Das and Padsevan Bhakta Das Voiceovers: Shivani Bansal, Ambar Kshitij, Shivani Chhoker, Vaibhav, Anjali, and Krishnika Singh.

When in the Dark

Sat, 07/10/2021 - 2:18pm

One day I will no longer fear the dark. I won’t have that moment of shock that feels like cold air rushing into my lungs. I won’t feel the pressure like fighting for breath under water. I won’t jerk my hands out before me in fear. My body won’t shake and tremble, breaking down in anxiety.

Devotee and Activist Sana Mittar, 19, Receives Prestigious Diana Award

Sat, 07/10/2021 - 1:59pm

Sana Mittar, a young devotee who attends the ISKCON Punjabi Bagh temple in Delhi with her family, has been honored with the Diana Award. Established in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, it is the most prestigious accolade a young person aged 9 to 25 years can receive for their social action or humanitarian work.

Bees Matter

Sat, 07/10/2021 - 1:58pm

Mayapur TV Español Provides Devotional Content for Spanish Speakers

Sat, 07/10/2021 - 1:58pm

The purpose of the new channel is to make Krishna Katha accessible to Spanish-speaking people in every town and village through the Brihat Mridanga or “big drum” of the Internet.

DeepLeap: Tough Love

Sat, 07/03/2021 - 3:54pm

Jai Jagannath Camp | Online | July 12th - 16th 4:00pm-5:30pm IST

Sat, 07/03/2021 - 3:50pm

Virtual parikramas, story dramas, kirtan, games, quizzes, crafts, and much more! July 12th - 16th 4:00pm-5:30pm IST. Register here:

Is Happiness Really All Relative?

Sat, 07/03/2021 - 3:48pm

The most sought-after experience that human society is striving to achieve, is still an underestimated and untapped experience beyond the reach of the majority.  Many believe they have reached that state of happiness, but have they?

TKG Academy Holds Triumphant Graduation Ceremony After Successful Pandemic School Year

Sat, 07/03/2021 - 3:47pm

After a successful school year of keeping all students safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, the TKG Academy in Dallas, Texas held a graduation ceremony on May 27th that felt “triumphant,” according to Vice Principal Gopi Gita Dasi. During the event, three students who had attended TKG Academy since preschool graduated from Twelfth Grade, while the rest of the school’s thirty-three students received end-of-year certificates.

Lord Jagannath Sravana Festival Leads up to Central New Jersey Ratha Yatra

Sat, 07/03/2021 - 3:47pm

An online “Sravana Festival,” with a series of Zoom talks by illustrious guests about the pastimes of Lord Jagannath and Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, is setting the mood for the upcoming Ratha Yatra celebrations at the ISKCON temple in Plainfield, New Jersey and on the Atlantic City boardwalk.