Prahladeśa Dasa


Prahladesa Prabhu is a disciple of His Holiness Trivikrama Swami, who he first met in 1988, and later took first initiation from in 1990 in Lima, Peru. Prahladesa later went on to take second initiation from Trivikram Swami in in Berkeley California, in 2003. Prahladesa has great love and respect for his guru who has help him in both good times and bad times. Another significant figure in his life is Srila Virabahu Prabhu who was Prahladesa's GBC in Peru.

Prahladesa Prabhu was born in Lima Peru October 1963. His brother gave him the book The Science of Self Realization and the book inspired him, because of the clarity in the way Srila Prabhupada presented his purports.

He started having association with the devotees in 1984. In 1988, Prahladesa Prabhu decided to dedicate is whole life to Srila Prabuapada and Krishna and he moved into the community in Chosica, Lima, Peru temple as a full time brahmacari. Prahladesa has done various services for the Lima Peru, Bogota Colombia, Miami Florida, Berkeley California, Honolulu Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Boston Massachusetts communities, from 1984-present. Prahladesa has supported with various services such as: assisting in the kitchen (cleaning pots, cutting vegetables, helping with the cooking), namahatta programs, laundering clothes for the devotees opening a preaching center, Food for Life, book distribution, keeping cleanliness standards for the community, and serving his fellow devotees, etc. Prahladase has dedicated his life to serve the communities, through the examples he sets by his hard work and devotional service.

In 1992 Prahladesa Prabhu helped open a temple/restaurant in Machu Pichu, located in the Andes Mountains. Later on, in 2000 Prahladesa Prabhu moved to Berkeley Temple in California, USA. His main service there was that he personally ran a Food for Life program, distributing Prasadam/sanctified food in the Berkeley university area. In Chosica, Lima, Peru he served the community by

Besides the various service Prahladesa Prabhu has done throughout his life, what characterizes him the most is his care and service attitude towards devotees. Prahladesa Prabhu came to Boston temple in 2008, where he currently serves as a cook and Pujari, rendering intimate service to the Deities.

In 2003 Prahladesa Prabhu received second initiation from his Guru in the Berkeley temple.. He personally served senior devotees such as, HH Jayapataka Swami two years ago, when Maharaja was recovering from a brain stroke. Prahladesa Prabhu is very grateful for everything, he personally wants to thank everyone who has helped him in his spiritual life, in particular his Mather Esperanza Zuazo, his Guru, Trivikrama Maharaja who he is eternally indebted to for guiding him in good and bad times, he also wants to send his unlimited obeisances to Srila Virabahu Prabhu who was his GBC in Peru, for inspiration and guidance.

Trivikrama Swami, June 5, 1990
Virabahu Prabhu, Peru
With Jayapataka Swami, Los Angeles, January 2010
With Jayapataka Swami, Sacramento