Share BhagavadGita - Gita Marathon

As part of 2020 book distribution marathon temples all around the world have committed to distributing 2 million Gitas. Boston temple has committed to a goal of distributing at least 2000 of them.

In order to facilitate the goal we are asking devotees to sponsor one box of gitas (24 in a box) for $108. They will be placed across North America in motels, hotels, hospitals, and libraries. We are looking for 100 boxes to be sponsored. We already have motel gita orders of close to 2500 Gitas that need to be filled.

You can go online and sponsor using our website donate link. Please mention “Gita Donation for 2020”

Hoping we can make this goal by dec 25th. which is Gita Jayanti this year, the day when Sri Krishna spoke the Bhagvad Gita.