This Saturday, Oct 31st ushers in an auspicious month of Kartik which will last until Sunday, Nov 29th. Kartik is described in the scriptures as the best of all months and glorifies Lord Krishna's pastime in which he was tied by Mother Yashoda. Devotional activities performed during this holy month are rewarded with greater spiritual results than normal. So devotees often take vows to increase their spiritual practices or to simplify their material needs for the entire month. Some of those vows are-

(1) Increased chanting of the Holy Names of Krishna--both in quantity and quality
(2) The offering of ghee lamps to Their Lordships.
(3) Daily singing of the Damodarastakam prayers
(4) Giving donations
(5) Execution of special vratas or vows.

Sponsorship Opportunities
301$ - Ghee Lamp offering
251$ - First day of Kartik Celebrations
108$ - Flower Offering

Become a Kartik Month sponsor at https://iskconboston.org/contribute

We will also have a variety of online programs from the temple every day of this auspicious month. Please do take advantage of these programs.

7:00 - 7:30 pm: Lamp offering & Arati from Temple
7:30 - 8:00 pm: Krishna Book Reading (except Saturdays)
8:00 - 8:45 pm: Kirtan

Please join us at Zoom ID 916 4947 3119 (password: 108) or
using a single click at https://zoom.us/j/91649473119?pwd=N3YwdmQ1bHFDM0ZjN1JsRGxOaHp6UT09.