Online Yoga Sessions

ISKCON Boston is excited to introduce online YOGA sessions every Saturday 9-10 am starting tomorrow (05/09).

Amanda Aridi will be the yoga teacher, her brief bio is attached below.

Please join the whats app group to register :

Hatha Yoga class description:
Hatha yoga is the foundational practice of asana (postures) and pranayama (breath control). Movement and breath are practiced in synchronicity while placing great emphasis on proper alignment of the body. Attention will be given to ensure that students have a strong understanding of how to properly enter into, hold, and safely exit from each posture. Practicing in this way helps to avoid injury and to reap the full physical and mental benefits of each asana. Through a Hatha yoga practice, we learn the power of discipline, drishti (focus), breathing, patience, and mindfulness, all while strengthening the body, gaining flexibility, increasing balance, enhancing the respiratory system, calming the mind, and connecting deeper with our Selves. All levels are welcomed.

Mandy Aridi Yoga Bio-
Mandy is a multi-certified yoga and meditation teacher with a focus on traditional Hatha yoga, pranayama (controlled breathing), and meditation. Initially drawn to the discipline and calm of yoga, Mandy began her yoga practice over 12 years ago. As well as a Bhakti yoga practitioner, she is a four-time Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher with over 1000 hours of training and teaching experience. She specializes as a yogasana teacher as well as a meditation and wellness guide, with an emphasis on sattvik diet & lifestyle and spirituality. She has taught in yoga studios, teacher trainings, workshops, hosted corporate wellness events, and developed community yoga outreach programs in India, Dubai, and the USA. Mandy has lived, taught, and practiced yoga in ashrams around the world, spending the most time in Govardhan Eco Village outside of Mumbai, India. She has developed a key teaching ethos based upon inclusivity—yoga is for everyone. After almost 10 years abroad, she has recently moved to the USA in hopes of further sharing the philosophy of a well-balanced lifestyle.